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2G Networks are shutting down
Will you be ready?

The End Is Coming - Will Your Fleet Tracking Be Left in The Dark?
The impending switch off of the 2G wireless networks in the US wouldn't make for an entertaining doomsday movie, but if you manage a fleet of vehicles it's a big deal.

In fact, it's a really big deal. If you haven't done anything about the 2G fleet tracking devices in your vehicles, you have to do it now.

What's Happening?
The first carrier that will shut down its 2G network is AT&T. It's happening because the technology is old and obsolete so the alternatives are both faster and more efficient.

The simplest path is to move to a 3G platform. In fact, most modern devices are not even compatible with 2G. That means companies like AT&T haven't sold 2G devices for several years.

Why Is It Important to You?
The phone in your pocket probably isn't affected by the 2G shut down, but the tracking devices in your fleet of vehicles might be if they are 2G devices. Once the 2G networks are switched off, those devices will become obsolete too. There is no upgrade, patch, or fix - 2G fleet tracking devices will be no longer usable.

When Is It Happening?
AT&T is switching off its 2G networkin early 2017. That means you have weeks rather than months to put an alternative system in place.

While other major carriers are not switching off their 2G networks as soon as AT&T, they all have plans to do so. Even if you tough it out and put up with drops in coverage after the AT&T switch off, all you are really doing is delaying the inevitable.

What Can You Do?
You should consider this an opportunity for your business rather than a problem. This is because it gives you the opportunity to upgrade your fleet tracking to a faster, more efficient, and more feature rich 3G platform. You will get hardware that is better and more modern than what you have at the moment, and you will get better software too. This will ensure your fleet tracking stays live while also bringing added benefits to your business.

Your next step should be finding a new fleet tracking platform vendor that offers hardware that works on the 3G network. Depending on the size of your fleet, this may take some time to get fully configured and installed, so the time to act is now.

AT&T started the 2G fleet tracking device doomsday clock ticking. You can't make the clock stop, but there is action you can take.

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