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AirIQ – Driver Safety Monitoring

It is important to ensure the safety of one of your most valued assets – your employees.

AirIQ’s Driver Safety monitoring was developed to assist fleet owners in controlling and managing unsafe driving habits. AirIQ’s real-time driver safety monitoring provides valuable information to allow fleet owners to proactively correct poor driving behaviours and educate drivers, resulting in reduced accidents and lower maintenance and insurance costs.

Once a vehicle leaves the yard it’s impossible to understand how a driver is performing without an effective GPS solution. Fleet owners have no idea where their company vehicle is and how the driver is behaving on the road. By implementing AirIQ’s GPS solution, fleet owners can track the status of their vehicles and drivers in real-time.

AirIQ’s real-time violation alerting allows fleet owners to monitor their driver’s behaviour. This valuable insight assists fleet owners in analyzing and improving their driver’s performance. Notifications include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Speed based on road
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Sharp turns
  • Location and route tracking
  • After hours usage
  • Geo-fencing

AirIQ notifications are also available in report format, which may be filtered and exported to make the data easy to manage and understand. By analyzing the reports, a fleet owner can evaluate the performance of their drivers and identify poor driving habits. This will enable them to educate their drivers and encourage safer driving habits. By being proactive and understanding driving patterns, fleet owners can identify specific areas that need improvement and help in the prevention of accidents.

Implementing AirIQ’s GPS tracking solution allows companies to meet their security and tracking needs. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“It just made sense to equip with AirIQ, the insurance and fuel savings alone has more than paid for the solution.” Tim, Fleet Manager, North American Oil & Gas Company

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