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AirIQ Features You Will Appreciate

AirIQ works hard to ensure every feature we offer our customers is continually improving. That’s why we want to highlight our Driver/Operator ID and our handy Temperature Sensor, so you can become familiar with these features and determine how your fleet might benefit from them. So, let us dig in.

Our Driver/Operator ID ensures you are aware of which employee is operating your vehicle or equipment, and when. But there’s more to it than just this. With the Driver/Operator ID you’ll be able to benefit from the following scenarios:

  • A complaint coming in from someone saying one of your vehicles was driving recklessly at a specific time. With Driver ID, you’ll be able to know which one of your Drivers was in the vehicle, and also determine if in fact they were operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner.
  • Want to directly link your Driver to the vehicle to ensure payroll is accurate with fewer mistakes? Now you can. Each Driver is assigned to the vehicle and once ignition is turned on; you will be able to designate hours per Driver much more effectively.
  • Worried about damage that keeps popping up on your fleet but are unsure of who was operating it this week? With Driver ID that worry is gone. You’ll know who was operating your assets 24/7.
  • Need to ensure your Operator is certified before they begin using a piece of equipment? Well the Operator ID is the perfect feature for you. Only certified Operators will be able to access and turn on specific equipment.

Driver/Operator ID is simply an extension of our Driver Behaviour. We know safety and theft are important to businesses and damages could lead to great losses. Start identifying misuse of your fleet, lower your damage costs and maintenance issues. Take your business one step forward, not three steps back, and get our Driver/Operator ID today so you can improve your company’s bottom line.

Next let’s discuss The Temperature Sensor feature. This is ideal for hydrovac trucks to monitor temperatures – high or low. It can also be used to monitor the temperature of goods transported if you want to have a backup reading of the refrigerator temperatures. This feature encompasses the following:

  • Temperature is returned with each event (travel) the occurs. Similar to how the odometer or voltage is recorded.
  • It has high and low alerts available.
  • It is viewable in the alert grid.
  • It can also be viewable in the alert/action detail report and history replay report.
  • Temperatures can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the user’s preference.
  • This feature is compatible with 5 of our existing devices.

Gain 24/7 visibility and awareness of temperatures in trucks and save thousands on potential damages or losses. Contact AirIQ today to get your fleet started on these features.

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