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AirIQ Fleet Updates

Throughout 2019 we’ve made extensive changes to AirIQ Fleet to provide our customers with everything they need in a Telematics solution and to make it easier to navigate. Some things we’ve done include:

  • Hovering summary box for each report, so you’ll know what each report does and how it can benefit your fleet.
  • Select only the reports you need, instead of having report bundles.
  • Multi-browser capability so your screen resizes to whichever screen you want to use.
  • Custom grid column selection-makes organizing your columns a breeze and completely customizable for your needs.
  • API capability, to allow applications to talk and transfer data as needed, from our integration with B2W and Jonas.
  • Creating Geofences, made easy.
  • ‘Find closest asset to here’ made simple, by right clicking your desired addresss and selecting the ‘find closest asset to here’ button.
  • Updated ‘Help’ tab to ensure you have all the resources you need right at your fingertips
  • Updated version of our mobile app for Android users – allowing you to get more done, while on the go.
  • Right-click on an asset, to allow you to open a new tab in Google maps.
  • Right click on an asset to create a quick Geofence at that location.

But we aren’t done. This year we have big plans in store for AirIQ and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop, but for now, we’re going to keep it a secret… a really juicy secret and it’ll be hard for us not to say it but we have to. Hopefully you understand, because it’ll be worth the wait, believe us!

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