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All About the IQ-Cam

Our exciting camera solution has arrived. We know you have been waiting for this moment so let us just dig in and give you the specs and details about our sleek IQ-Cam.

The IQ-Cam is more than just a camera, it is a dashcam with integrated telematics that allows you to get a complete visual of your assets 24/7.  Its no longer enough to simply know the location of your assets, you need to see it for yourself. Receive alerts when Drivers become distracted or an emergency occurs. Automatically receive video events when a safety parameter. Occurs, such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration.  

The IQ-Cam provides a large list of features that make it easier for you to manage your assets. So here are a few we think are crucial for you:

  • Dual lens – both forward facing, and in-cab footage captured
  • Detection of distracted driving, with an audible in cab alarm notification
  • Live real-time tracking
  • Vibration detection – know when someone is trying to break into your asset
  • Manual button for emergency situations
  • Easy Installation

As for the benefits that come with the IQ-Cam, there is are too many to list, but we’ll point out a few:

  • Lower fleet maintenance costs
  • Decreased insurance premiums
  • Increased Driver safety
  • Clear visibility of fleets on the road

Check out more at and starts analyzing your fleet in a more efficient and foolproof way.

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