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Benefits of Telematics for Delivery Drivers

Oh the joy the holidays bring to people. The beautiful white snow, hot cups of cocoa and families coming together. But there’s one kind of person we all forget about during this time of the year, you can say they’re kind of like Santa. It’s the delivery Drivers that make getting your loved ones a Christmas present much easier and with less of a hassle. Below we’ve come up with some benefits delivery services get by implementing a Telematics solution throughout their fleet.

  1. We all know the holidays are the busiest time of year for delivery companies. But a Telematics solution can ease this stress by increasing their ability to make on-time deliveries due to real time notifications and alerts. Real time notifications are sent to management who can then alert their customers of any changes or delays. A Telematics solution helps businesses improve on their customer service.
  2. Say you get a call from a customer that one of their packages hasn’t arrived and it’s over a week late. Telematics has you covered! Type in the address of the customer, right click it, and select ‘Find Closest Asset to Here’, and voila! A list of your closest assets will be in order, so you can make changes quickly and ensure your customers receive their packages on time.
  3. We know how important the reputation of your business is, that’s why a Telematics solution works with you, to ensure Drivers are driving vehicles safely. You get a call about one of your Drivers who was spotted speeding numerous times in subdivisions. With a Telematics solution you can run a report on your Drivers behaviours and take further action accordingly. This is a huge benefit because you’ll be able to implement an effective driving guide for your Drivers.
  4. Winter is like a 4 month long guessing game when it comes to the weather. One day can be nice and sunny and the next we’re hit with a snowstorm and freezing rain combo. It’s annoying and not to mention dangerous, especially with December being one of the busiest shopping months of the year. And for delivery Drivers it’s no different. But now instead of having to slow down your deliveries, you can reroute your fleet so they can avoid all the chaos winter brings, and still have your deliveries handled on time.

There’s not enough credit given to delivery Drivers, and sometimes we can neglect the working conditions they face. But a Telematics solution is designed to take some of the stress away from both the Driver and fleet managers. Don’t face another dreadful winter without a solution. Implement one today and you’ll feel more confident about facing the month ahead.

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