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Benefits of Tracking Through our Mobile App

Life can get busy and running a business makes it even more hectic. Not everyone has the time to track their assets while sitting at their desk, meetings come up, customers may need your help, the list goes on. That’s why using the AirIQ mobile app and platform that’s multi-browser capable can help you stay focused and track your assets while keeping up with the fast pace of everyday life.

You might be wondering how you can effectively manage your fleet through a 5 by 3-inch device, but the truth is, you can practically do everything you would normally do on your desktop. Anything from running Reports, to tracking all your assets and setting their account details. But there’s more and we’re here to highlight those below. Using your mobile device, you can:

  • Have full menu access (hamburger style)
  • Search locations
  • Set geofences
  • Disable or enable your fleet
  • Customize your fleet grid information

We designed our solution to be user friendly to help you stay on top of your fleet, regardless of where you are or when you need to obtain information. Whether you’re working from home for the next coming months or need to make a stop by the grocery store and have to wait in a long line, you’ll still be able to manage your fleet and efficiently track your assets.

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