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Reasons Why Telematics Initiatives Can Fail

A GPS solution can provide your business with the tools to run an efficient and successful business. However if not implemented properly, this can lead to further complications and time constraints you didn’t plan for. But don’t worry because we’re…

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Precheck Your Trucks

This years CVSA Brake Safety Week is from September 15th until the 21st. To better prepare yourself we’ve put together some points for you to consider and a mini checklist to ensure your inspection passes with flying colours. Key Tips…

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How our Customers Help Us Improve

We want to set some time aside to talk to you about interesting the feedback we’ve received from our customers. At AirIQ we strive to ensure our products meet all your business needs so you can focus your time and…

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How GPS Helps Lower Equipment Theft

Equipment is one of the most valuable pieces for any construction company. In order for companies to successfully complete projects, it is crucial their equipment is safe and well maintained. Without working equipment a construction company would not be able…

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