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Construction on the Rise Equals A Greater Need for GPS

With development on the rise throughout North America, construction companies are getting busier and busier, and it’s crucial to ensure productivity doesn’t fall behind. That’s where GPS can make a huge difference for construction fleets.

The first step is determining what features are most crucial for your company. Once you have determined this, select a few companies, and research what they offer. Key features of a GPS solution that would be beneficial for a construction company include:

  • Maintenance modules, this ensures you stay proactive in the health of your fleet and reduce downtime in case of unexpected fleet repairs.
  • Geofencing, to ensure your assets remain on site.
  • Disable relay, designed to disable your equipment, so you can stay ahead of the thieves.
  • Real-time tracking, to ensure all your assets are where they need to be 24/7.

Increase your company’s productivity with a GPS solution that is right for you and that can help you stay on track.

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