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AirIQ has been in business for over twenty years (since 1997) – outlasting most of our competitors! We consider ourselves ‘pioneers’ in the field of wireless asset management and location services. We attribute our longevity to the fact that we listen to our customers and understand their needs – and then we deliver what they need. AirIQ offers a proven end-to-end wireless GPS solution that allows you to manage your assets on a cost-effective basis. We become an extension of your organization, and allow you to focus on your core business. AirIQ will listen to you and will develop a solution to meet your needs and improve your bottom line.

AirIQ offers you:

  • A live customer support team
  • Personal attention to detail
  • Responsiveness to your requirements and concerns
  • Reliable and proven products to meet your needs
  • Scalability – no matter what the size of your fleet
  • In-house development to customize our solution


Vernon is managing director of Mosaic Capital Partners LP, a private equity firm focused on providing capital, strategic advice and access to an extensive network to add value to small and medium-sized enterprises. Vernon also serves as the Company’s Chairman of the Board.

Geoffrey Rotstein

Geoff is a Chartered Accountant and is the President and Chief Executive Officer of EQ Inc., a data software company that targets customers using location behaviour data and intelligence. Geoff also serves as Chairman of the Company’s Audit Committee.

Michael Robb

Mike is a CPA, CMA and is the President and Chief Executive Officer of AirIQ Inc. Mike has held various senior positions in publicly traded technology companies during his career.

Gabriel Bouchard-Phillips

Gabriel is a Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager at Van Berkom Global Asset Management where he leads the Canadian small-cap equity investment team managing stock portfolios for large North American pensions funds, corporations, foundations and endowment funds. He is also a CPA, CA and a CFA.


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Contemporary Security Canada utilized AirIQ's services during the Toronto 2015 Panam / Para Panam Games to track and manage it's vehicle fleet. AirIQ was very easy to work with and quickly found solutions that fit our requirements. Their devices were very quick to install and the monitoring software was easy to learn and use. We were very happy with the service and capabilities AirIQ provided for us. We would definitely work with them again in the future!

Mike Gallant
Contemporary Security Canada
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Since implementing AirIQ's Plug and Track™ device in our fleet, we have gone an entire year without losing a vehicle. In 2011 we lost a total of six vehicles and wrote off more than $100 thousand dollars in damages. However, now that we have installed AirIQ's device in approximately 500 of our vehicles, we are able to easily manage and monitor our fleet and quickly identify any issues or problems with a rental. We can then take immediate action and avoid costly losses or damage to our assets.

Major car rental company, Texas
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It just made sense to equip with AirIQ, the insurance and fuel savings alone has more than paid for the solution.

Large company that services the Oil & Gas industry
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Our company has been using AirIQ for 10 years and have been very happy with the product and the service! We have tried other less expensive units and while they did work 80% of the time, we can trust AirIQ to work 100% of the time. Our fleet is our revenue and if we have a vehicle out that is not getting paid for, with AirIQ we can trust we can find it and get it back into revenue producing mode quickly! We would have a very difficult time operating without GPS devices from AirIQ!

Vehicle rental company, North Carolina
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Smart Slider 3 is the best slider that i’ve tried so far. There’s so many useful functions and easy to understand how to use it.

Our truck was stolen out of a parking lot in Plano, Texas. This vehicle had an AirIQ GPS Tracking Device in it. Within thirty minutes, the Dallas Police Department we're able to find the vehicle. Great Job AirIQ, and the Client Care Team!

Mid-size commercial flooring company
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Smart Slider 3 is the best slider that i’ve tried so far. There’s so many useful functions and easy to understand how to use it.

Since implementing the AirIQ Solution, we have recognized increased employee productivity, improved customer service but most importantly the immeasurable value of an employee's life.

Industrial service supply company
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Smart Slider 3 is the best slider that i’ve tried so far. There’s so many useful functions and easy to understand how to use it.

Primarily intended to promote safe driving habits among employees the technology demonstrated its value in yet another way. It made all the difference in recovering $65,000 worth of vehicles and approximately $15,000 in equipment tools.

Large construction company
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