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Stay Calm and Go Paperless

We offer one of the most advanced ELD solutions on the market

Your ELD  Solution is Here

Who Wouldn't Want to Run a More Productive Business

Save on FUEL costs, improve SAFETY of drivers, have a compliant HOS solution and more

Canada has mandated all paper logs be transferred into electronic logs. The pressure is slowly creeping up on businesses who have yet to have ELDs. Businesses who do not have compliant ELDs face severe fines. Why not let us take away that stress from you with our ELD solution.  Having had twenty years of experience in the industry, we are confident our ELD solution is the best option for your business. Speak to one of our sales agents to get started on this new journey.

Let us provide you with the support, reliability and personal attention we have continuously achieved since 1997 to ensure you have the most efficient ELD’s and HOS solution.

The Benefits of Our ELD Solution

Why Look Somewhere Else When We Have More Than You Need Right Here!

Our ELD's provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Registered with the FMCSA
  • Compliant to BOTH Canada AND US rule set
  • 24/7 Compliance Support Center
  • Real-time violation alerts
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy transition for US companies that currently have AOBRD to switch to ELD
  • 'Back Office' data record keeping
  • Logs are kept on file for a period of 6 months
  • Available on both Android and iOS operating systems
  • 3 different languages available: English, French and Spanish

Human Error Logs are a thing of the past. Next is a Quick, Stress-Free Solution

With our ELD solution there's no such thing as human error anymore.

Who wouldn't want the quick and easy route. Our ELD solution provides you with exactly this. The ELD reads the movement of your vehicle. It knows where you are, changes its setting if your crossing the border and analyzes your driving behavior, to reduce any possibility of accidents, fuel wastage and much more.

Registered and Certified!

A key feature in choosing the RIGHT ELD solution for your business is ensuring it is certified.

Our wonderful partners, Apollo have ensured the ELD solutions are properly registered based on the requirements of the FMCSA and Transport Canada. So the next time time you have to stop for an inspection, don't worry because we've got you covered. Not only will this save you time through inspection stops but also increases your Drivers PRODUCTIVITY throughout the day. We've also decided to throw in a 24/7 Compliance Support Center, for you to call whenever you may need a little assistance or tweak with your ELD solution.

All-in-one stop shop, in a solution

Our ELD solution ensures all logs are kept on file for a period of SIX months!

To ensure that you can refer back on any information you may need, we chose to have logs kept on file for a period of six months. Any violations, driving behaviors or situations that you need to take a second glance at, is available for you. Our 'Back Office' dashboard and app allows BOTH Drivers and administrators to analyze the logs and use as needed.

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