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Even Santa can Benefit from Telematics!

As Christmas crawls it’s way through, we had an interesting thought that made us think twice about the holiday season. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. But we sometimes forget to think about a man that plays a big roll in this celebration. His name is Santa Claus! He travels all over the world, delivering gifts for all the boys and girls as everyone anticipates his arrival we track Santa. But what if Santa could track the gifts, he delivers to all the boys and girls? Wouldn’t it be so much easier for Santa to know where some of his lost presents are if they fall off his sleigh? It’s time we start to help the big man who brings us all so much joy and happiness. And AirIQ is here to solve the problem! Let’s look at the benefits our devices can offer to Santa:

There’s no reason to not have a telematics solution in your fleet if Santa has one. The benefits are endless and so are the opportunities. We hope you all have a very merry wonderful Christmas and Holiday season. Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy time with loved ones.

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