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Boost Asset Utilization
and improve Fleet ROI

AirIQ empowers businesses by providing the tools required to manage and understand telematics data - allowing for improved asset utilization which results in lower operational costs and a more efficient fleet.

Telematics Data & API Integration

AirIQ provides fleet operators an edge over their competitors, allowing them to have better control and understanding of their assets with the use of telematics data and our easy to use platform.

Use our API with your telematics data to integrate with your management systems and third-party services. There’s no end to the possibilities, including advanced routing and scheduling, specialized mobile applications, cameras and more. Engage our solution specialists and let us help you realize your vision utilizing the power of the AirIQ platform.


Don’t take our word for it, take AirIQ Fleet for a test drive today with no obligation!  The right GPS Solution without contractual commitment! Why? Because we trust that you will see the value of AirIQ as much as our customers do!  AirIQ Fleet – more than a dot on the map!

Improved Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Utilize AirIQ’s Preventative Maintenance module to optimize your up-time and ROI by ensuring regular maintenance of your assets and avoid unexpected vehicle breakdowns and repairs.

Telematics data will provide alerts on when your asset is reaching its next scheduled maintenance event.

Keeping Your Assets Safe & Secure

AirIQ allows you to protect your assets by creating a virtual boundary so that an alert is triggered if any asset exits or enters the set boundary.  This is called ‘Geofencing’. There are three distinct advantages to using Geofencing to monitor your assets:


Gain valuable insights about vehicles that are operating within the Geofence including adherence to delivery schedules,  time at job and the vehicle’s behaviour.  This will allow you to measure and increase productivity over time.

Theft Protection

With AirIQ’s Geofence module you may track all of your assets in real-time as they enter or leave the Geofence. The system alerts you via email or text if any asset leaves the Geofence area outside of scheduled operating hours.


Routes may be restricted by local regulations that enforce a mass or height limit, or limit access to certain areas due to traffic regulations. Placing a geofence around these areas will help you identify any breaches of these rules so you can respond immediately.

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