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Fleet Tracking Benefits for Property Maintenance Companies

Since it’s summer and many of us like to have our properties looking beautiful, we think it’s time to inform you of some of the benefits property maintenance companies get with our fleet tracking solution.

AirIQ’s solution goes above and beyond what regular fleet trackers do, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck with endless benefits including:

  • Setting Geofence areas from Back Office so you can see when your employee has arrived and left the clients location.
  • Setting notifications for your clients so they can receive emails or texts of when your employees have arrived at their location and when they leave.
  • Track the fuel consumption of your vehicles. With our solution you’ll be able to keep track of your fleets fuel consumption so you can find ways to save on fuel costs with each job.
  • Set up maintenance checks for your vehicles. Being proactive in the health of your vehicles is crucial. With our solution you can pre-set maintenance notifications, so you’ll always know when your next oil change, tire rotation or any other vehicle maintenance is due.
  • Driving branded vehicles can be risky, but not when you have a fleet tracking solution. Let’s say one of your Drivers gets accused of bad driving behaviours. Now with a few clicks on AirIQ Fleet™ you’ll be informed if any of your assets were at the specified location during that time.
  • Since you’ll know when your employees arrive and leave from a client’s address, you’ll be able to gather more information as to how productive they are throughout the day, making it easier for you to give clients better time frames for job completions.

As you can see there’s numerous benefits of fleet trackers for property maintenance companies. It’ll allow you to be more productive, efficient and make your clients happy. Take advantage of AirIQ and let us hep you run a smooth and efficient business.

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