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How a GPS Solution Can Aid Your Customer Service

We all know how important it is for a business to keep their customers happy. But maintaining their happiness may not always be as easy as we think. With the right GPS solution, we make it easy for you to develop a smooth and more effective fleet management process.

How Your Customer Service Can Improve

Say you have your company’s logo and phone number on the side of your fleet vehicles. You get a call from someone complaining that they saw one of your drivers speeding through a red light at 10:15 a.m. on Tuesday at the Lakeridge Rd and Bayly St intersection. You simply log into AirIQ Fleet and check if any of the vehicles in your fleet were in that intersection around that time. The report shows Bill was at the location at that time.

This is only one example of what a GPS solution can do for your business. One of the most beneficial advantages of a GPS solution includes better estimated delivery times for your customers. Regardless if you are providing your customers with a product or service, delivering that product or service on time will always be an important factor in the satisfaction of your customers. With the ‘find closest assets to here’ feature, you are able to see which one of your assets is closest to a specific address and send them out for delivery. Or in a situation where your Driver may be running late, and a customer calls you sounding upset. You can reassure your customer how far away they are and that they will arrive in set amount of time, giving you the opportunity to give your customers a more accurate time of delivery and/or arrival of the workers.

Company reputation and image are something you should consistently ensure is properly maintained. Providing employees with a vehicle is not only expensive but can be a big risk in terms of maintaining your company reputation, especially when you don’t know your Drivers driving habits. But with a GPS solution that worry is no longer looming around. You can manage your employees driving behaviours while they are on the road. Meaning any harsh breaking, excessive speeding and rapid acceleration along with much more are all recorded and available for you to view on AirIQ Fleet.

Why let yourself or your customers be blindsided by potential interruptions in the success of your business. Use a GPS solution in your fleet vehicles so you can ensure your fleet is always on track.

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