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How ELD’s are different from AOBRD

It’s already July, meaning if you have AOBRD you have less than 6 months to switch to ELD. Pretty crazy how fast time flies. With all the talk about the new ELD Canadian mandate set for June 2021, and the grandfather clause for the U.S coming to an end on December 16th, crunch time has arrived. Lucky for you we’re here to clarify how ELD’s differ from AOBRD, and the benefits of ELD for your company and Drivers.

The Key Differences

Paper logbooks are easy to tamper with, and in some cases have two or more logbooks; one that has accurate information and the second that Drivers falsify information on to give to Inspectors because it makes the Driver look like they have been following HOS rules. There were numerous unsafe incidents occurring throughout commercial vehicle road safety with paper logbooks. Many Drivers were working over the allowed hours which resulted in poor driving decisions being made and a noticeable increase in accidents occurring.

To lower the safety hazards this imposed on the road, AOBRD was mandated as a filler to keep digital track of Drivers activities on the road before a permanent solution would be decided on in the U.S. However, AOBRD still wasn’t completely tamperproof, and edits could easily be made without a written explanation for the Inspector to see. That’s were ELD became the headline as a permanent solution for company’s and Drivers. It also allowed companies to lower their costs and increase productivity. In order to completely move forward from paper logbooks and increase roadside safety, ELD is a tamper resistant device that automatically records information from your vehicle engine. All edits are seen by the inspector and administrators. To note some differences between AOBRD and ELD look at the chart below.

The benefits of ELD outweigh those of AOBRD. ELD provides you with more thorough details of your Drivers activity.

The transition from AOBRD into ELD may seem like a scary and time-consuming process, but it’s not. With AirIQ we want you to get a sense of what ELD encompasses. We are the best in breed telematics company with the best solutions on the market. With over twenty years of experience we understand your needs and are giving you the option to rent our ELD solution. That’s right, no commitment, no fees, just you, testing out the solution and familiarizing yourself with ELD. We guarantee you’ll be hooked. I mean we are the only company in all of Canada that provides you with an ELD month to month rental option after all.

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