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How GPS Helps Lower Equipment Theft

Equipment is one of the most valuable pieces for any construction company. In order for companies to successfully complete projects, it is crucial their equipment is safe and well maintained. Without working equipment a construction company would not be able to complete projects in a timely manner. Given all the benefits there are some risk factors that come along with construction equipment; that is the high level of theft.

Where the Problem Rises

Having universal keys means that anyone with specific equipment keys can start any of your equipment from an excavator to a bulldozer and even a grader. There’s no way to secure against this. That’s where having a GPS solution provides you with some piece of mind. The AirIQ solution comes with a disable ignition feature, this means whenever any of your equipment’s ignition is turned on, you get a notification alerting you of the situation and with one click of a button you can disable the equipment, or have it automatically disable at a set time. Allowing you to keep your equipment exactly where it was left and giving you the piece of mind knowing that your assets can’t be utilized or stolen.

Our Benefit to You

Geofencing is also a great way for you to see when a piece of equipment has entered or left a designated area, so you are in complete control of monitoring your equipment. An additional benefit you may not have thought about is our preventative maintenance reports. We allow you to set up scheduled maintenance reminders, so your equipment is always properly maintained and in good health; no over-servicing or underservicing which can result in large repair bills.

Having a GPS solution set in your construction equipment gives you the advantage of increasing productivity among your projects. You can now know how much equipment will be needed for a specific job, and how long on average it takes to complete a project. You’ll get real time notifications of where your assets are so you can be in full control of everything you need to run a successful equipment fleet. Whether you’re in the office or on the go for your next big deal, you’ll always be aware of where your assets are. What more could you ask for, for less than $10/month…we’ll let you figure that one out on your own ?

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