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How You Can Save Costs With Our GPS Solution

When you think of GPS solutions, fuel and insurance savings may not be the first thoughts that come to mind. But for businesses these are a benefit of choosing AirIQ’s Fleet GPS solution.

Insurance Savings

Recently it has become more difficult for companies to get reasonably priced insurance rates on their vehicles. Having a GPS solution in your fleet has proven to lower this cost. Fleets that have invested in a GPS solution in order to reduce the amount of accident claims they received were found to have lower insurance pricing. With AirIQ Fleet you access Reports and analysis of Driver behaviours, diagnostics of your vehicles and so much more. This also helps lower the cost of insurance for your fleet because you are able to provide your insurance company with real-time information as to when and where an incident occurred and also whether Drivers are driving safely or not to determine the level of risk they pose on the vehicle.

If one of your Drivers gets into an accident, companies with our solution are able to refer to their AirIQ Fleet tracking and determine the actions taken by the Driver based on the Report. We allow you to be proactive by educating your Drivers prior to an incident occurring. We know people make mistakes, but our GPS solution is here to reduce that risk and increase your company’s productivity.

Fuel Savings

Our AirIQ GPS solution incorporates Reports on your Drivers behaviour behind the wheel such as engine idling, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, the list goes on. Now how does this allow you to have a more efficient business? Well now you are able to see your Driver’s behaviour regardless of where you are and when you need it. This allows you to determine more efficient routes for your Drivers, easily locate a Driver that may be lost or unsure of where he is going and so on. Studies have found that one hour of idling equals approximately 40km (25m) of driving. That’s a lot when you take into account gas prices especially for long hauls.

Now we all know someone that is an aggressive Driver. They either brake too hard or accelerate so strong that it pushes you back in your seat. But have you stepped back and thought about the impact these actions have on your fuel consumption and vehicle as a whole? A study from the U.S Department of Energy estimated that approximately 15-30% of your mileage is lowered by aggressive driving. This can increase your fuel consumption drastically. With a GPS solution you are given real-time notifications so you can make effective adjustments to your fleet and not have to waste more fuel.

We are here to make it easier for you to get more bang for your buck. Let us provide you with the support, reliability and personal attention we have continuously achieved since 1997 to ensure you have the most efficient GPS solution.

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