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Inspection Report for COVID Sanitation Tracking

Businesses are getting back to normal operations, but the new normal is not the same as before. Increased hygiene and sanitation in the workplace will be increasingly important for companies. That is why AirIQ has adapted our Driver Vehicle Inspection Report to allow you to add your companies COVID protocols in a simple manner for both you and your Drivers.

It is simple, and costs only pennies a day.  Add the AirIQ DVIR app to your existing program and create a custom sanitation section. List all the products and procedures you need, and all your Drivers need to do is complete the Report as part of their daily check to ensure they always have the required sanitation items available. The benefits of utilizing this great App are clear:

  • Reduce call times between your Drivers and office
  • Keep track of your sanitation products
  • Reduce the risk of Drivers getting sick on the job
  • Have a routine stock timeframe of sanitation products
  • Aid in setting a sanitation product budget

The list is endless and beneficial to ensure the safety of your Drivers. Give us a call or email us to discuss all the benefits of our sanitation app for your business. Do not wait to increase your productivity, do it today, with AirIQ by your side.

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