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Introducing a New Look to AirIQ Fleet™

We are excited to announce AirIQ Fleet is getting a new, updated look on March 12th, 2019. This change introduces a refreshed UI and some functional changes to make your experience with AirIQ Fleet smoother.

One of the biggest changes that you will notice right away is that all asset info has been merged into the data grid.

The History Query, Edit Asset, Calibrate Odometer and Calibrate Engine Hours buttons have also been merged into the data grid under the column, called “Actions.” There are 4 new buttons that correspond to each of those actions:

  History Query
  Edit Asset Details
  Calibrate Odometer
  Calibrate Engine Hours

With the exception of the “Actions” column, the new data grid is fully customizable. Simply select your e-mail in the top right corner of the interface, select Options, then under “Grid Columns Shown” you can select the columns you want to view in your data grid. You can also change the placement of the entire grid itself by choosing an option under “Grid Position.”

We’re also introducing new ways to filter your results in the data grid. Every column has a filter icon on the top row so you can get filter the columns allowing you to view only the information you require.

Another big change is mobile compatibility – AirIQ Fleet is now mobile-friendly. Everything you do to manage your fleet can now be done entirely from your smartphone or tablet’s browser, without having to use our native app (you’ll also get more features than our native app currently offers).

Your feedback would be appreciated – please e-mail us at [email protected].

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