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Maintain Your Fleets Health During Harsh Winter Weather

Hate how dirty your vehicles are in the winter? Find yourself dealing with more mechanical problems throughout the winter months? Well stop right there because it doesn’t need to be like that. Telematics is designed to help you become proactive and stay ahead of the game and this includes all the mechanical headaches that winter brings along with it.

Salt and Sand

We all know when we see plows on the road, the next snowfall is just around the corner. But to make it easier for people to travel salt and sand are used so our tires can have better traction and reduce the amount of slipping and sliding, however this comes with a price on our vehicles.

Sand in the form of pebbles can bounce back and hit the side of your vehicles and windows causing damages. Salt exposure on the other hand causes damage underneath your vehicles which can lead to corrosion and rust. When salt is left on throughout the months it sticks and damages the brakes, exhaust and muffler system of your vehicles.

One great way to prevent this from happening is to prepare your vehicles before winter arrives. With a Telematics solution you can set your vehicles undercarriage and rust proofing maintenance schedule ahead of time, so you never miss an appointment.

Freezing Temperatures

Rubber is found all over vehicles. From doors to pipes, the list is endless. But rubber and freezing temperatures don’t exactly go hand in hand. Extreme weather changes and fluctuating temperatures can weaken rubber quickly and eventually lead to cracks. Set maintenance checks for your vehicles through your telematics solution and make sure your rubber stays intact this winter.

Winter temperatures can be hard on your vehicle’s battery, with the longer use of headlights, heating and wipers, it all takes a toll on your battery. Check your battery every now and then and ensure it’s performing the way it should.

Lastly don’t forget about your fuel lines. Water vapors can freeze in your fuel lines throughout the winter, ensure your vehicles have a fuel antifreeze to prevent this from happening.

We know it’s a lot to remember and with your busy schedule it’s hard to keep track of, but Telematics works with you to ensure your fleet is prepared. With our Telematics you’ll be able to set any maintenance checks you need and never forget when your next appointment comes due.

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