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No Hardware Purchase + No Term Commitment = No Risk

The ELD deadline is fast approaching for companies currently using AOBRD that need to transition. Along with the Canadian mandate set for June 2021, we want to share with you something unique we at AirIQ offer so you won’t need to stress about which provider to partner with.

ELD providers enforce term commitments that force you to stick with them or else you could face hefty costs if you choose to cancel and change providers. This can be time consuming, expensive and annoying. But at AirIQ we provide you the opportunity to test the waters for however long you need with no term commitment and a month to month rental option plan. We guarantee our solution will give you more than you ever thought you needed. Best of all if you’re not happy you can return it without any penalties at any point in time. This is the convenience AirIQ offers customers because we know how important your time and money are and we don’t want to get in the way of that, plus we stand behind our solution understanding if you are not happy simply return the device.

Now let’s discuss in more detail our month to month rental plan. Some competitors are offering Pay-As-You-Drive options which may sound like our month to month rental plan, however, these competitors don’t include the ECM connected hardware required to be ELD compliant. At AirIQ we provide an all-inclusive package in our monthly rental plan. Meaning, the device and the Driver app are paid for on a monthly basis. Say one of your Drivers doesn’t log into the app for the month of October, you simply won’t get charged for that Drivers application for that month. If your needs change simply return the device to us and you’ll be left with nothing more to pay. It really is that convenient and easy! Now you’re probably wondering why we would want to offer something like this…it’s simple. We are confident our solution works, and we want to give you the opportunity to see it for yourself without the fear of having to commit.

Commitment can be a scary thing, but at AirIQ we make it easy and affordable for you to successfully track your fleet and comply to HOS.

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