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Official Canadian ELD Mandate

On June 13th, 2019, the Canadian Ministry of Transportation announced that by June 12th, 2021, all paper logbooks for commercial Drivers must be switched to ELD. Although the much-anticipated mandate took some time to set a specific date we want companies to know that AirIQ is here to get you started on the best ELD solution.

Diving into ELD

The U.S grandfather clause for companies to switch from AOBRD to ELD is set for December 16th, 2019. AOBRD will no longer be compliant. That being said the Canadian government has never required companies to use ELD; however companies travelling to the U.S have been using ELD to be compliant with U.S regulations. Currently, if you have paper logbooks you are considered compliant in Canada. However, paper logbooks are much easier to tamper with and make edits to as a Driver. This is where the Canadian government realized road safety among commercial vehicles was lacking. From 2010 to 2015, Transport Canada stated that they recorded approximately 9,400 hours of service (HOS) violations; a quarter of which had exceeded the allowable work hours. Drivers have been known to drive for too long and as a result become accident prone due to fatigue. This is where ELD comes in to save the day.  ELD’s are tamper-resistant devices so Drivers are no longer able to falsify their work hours. Drivers will no longer be able to make changes to their logbooks. The mandate of ELD’s in Canada also allows for quicker and more efficient inspections.

We are here to ensure you are prepared. June 12th, 2021 is coming a lot sooner than we all think, and choosing the right ELD solution can be stressful, but not with AirIQ. Our ELD solution provides you with an excellent 24-hour Compliance Support HelpLine, advanced tech support and the piece of mind that your ELD is compliant. Let us provide you with the support, reliability and personal attention we have continuously achieved since 1997 to ensure you have the most efficient ELD’s and HOS solution.

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