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Our Plans for 2020

This year we’re doing things a little different. We want to keep you updated with our platform on the go. So once a month we’re going to update you on all the changes made throughout AirIQ. We consider our relationship with you more as a partnership, and partners listen to each other and work together for the best interest of both companies. So that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

You + Us = Awesomeness!

Here’s what we have planned so far for the upcoming year:

  • We’re going to start sending out surveys! Why? Easy. Survey’s will allow us to understand your needs and wants a lot better. We’ll be taking your responses to help us adapt our platform into everything you’ve always wanted plus more.
  • Quizzes! Yes, we want to put your knowledge to the test, but don’t worry we have a prize in store for the winner. And every month there’s another chance for you to win.
  • As you probably already guessed we’ll be sending out monthly newsletters to keep you up to date with everything happening company and industry wide. We’ll include our blogs, and anything important our customers may want to know, with links to great, rich content filled articles that’ll be beneficial to you and your team.
  • We’re also going to add in a Q&A section, because why not! We want to directly answer any questions you have. Whether it be big or small, we think all questions are of value to us, and it’s important to ensure we are all on the same page. Email us any day at [email protected] with the subject line: Newsletter Q&A and we’ll feature it in our next newsletter.
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