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Overcome Your Chance of Theft During COVID-19

As we continue with the ongoing challenges of lockdowns and illness throughout the world, theft seems to be increasingly on the rise. Since almost all businesses are mandated to shutdown operations, it is important to keep an eye on your assets regardless of the industry you’re in. We have been doing some research and have found numerous theft cases occurring throughout both Canada and the US. But there is a way to help your fleet reduce these possibilities by implementing a GPS solution throughout your fleet vehicles and construction equipment. AirIQ has managed to help our customers recover their stolen assets for over 20 years, so why wait and risk your chances of not recovering your stolen assets when our solution can help you stay one step ahead of the thieves.

Implementing a GPS solution allows you to:

  • Run Reports of the last known location for all your assets
  • Set geofences to alert when an asset leaves a specific area
  • Disable equipment, to prevent the ability of a thief operating it
  • Locate your assets while at home or on the go with the mobile app

Don’t let the lockdown make your assets vulnerable for thieves. Ensure they are secured with a GPS solution and know exactly where your assets are 24/7. Having the piece of mind is a benefit in itself, along with all of the other features the AirIQ solution will provide you.  With real-time tracking and alerts sent directly to your mobile device, you can stay one step ahead of the thieves and protect your assets.

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