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Reasons Why Telematics Initiatives Can Fail

A GPS solution can provide your business with the tools to run an efficient and successful business. However if not implemented properly, this can lead to further complications and time constraints you didn’t plan for. But don’t worry because we’re here to inform you of some common mistakes, so you don’t have to make them yourself.

The main reason why a GPS implementation can fail is because of:

  • Improper installation

Installing the GPS device incorrectly in your fleet is a clear sign that it will fail. Without proper installation, there really is no way for your fleet to be tracked. This can increase the estimated time for implementation and can result in more issues. For a smooth and effortless installation it’s important to have the right team understand and proper testing. Many GPS solution providers have installers ready at your service. So take advantage of this so you can avoid complications and additional unnecessary time.

  • Not assigning the RIGHT person to manage the solution

A huge part of ensuring your GPS initiative goes according to plan is choosing the right person to take ownership of the program. This simply means, designate a person that oversees the fleet and can use the information to make other business decisions. Assigning your mechanic to track and implement changes to the business may not be as wise of a decision as assigning a more senior associate who is in charge of the fleet vehicles at the moment and has the goal to implement a GPS solution to cut costs.

  • Lack of goal setting and understanding the value of the solution

It’s important to have a reason and purpose for implementing a GPS solution. Ensure the GPS provider you select is aligned with your vision. It can not only be costly but also time consuming, if you implement this solution without a real purpose or goal in mind. Whether it be to cut costs, or increase customer experience, whatever your goal is, make sure its clear throughout the business, and that your GPS provider can give you the Reports and information you need.

  • Not informing your team of the change

Keeping team members in the loop can be important. Allowing your team to be part of the implementation process can give you a better view of how the solution works from their perspective. Receiving feedback can give you a better sense for what direction to take the business. Not to mention it validates if your provider is giving you what you need.

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