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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with A GPS Solution

Although companies have different social responsibilities, we think there’s one common topic we all should be part of, and that is, becoming environmentally friendly. Now we know that’s easier said than done, but there are a few ways fleet operators can achieve this, especially by implementing the right GPS solution.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

With a GPS solution you can reduce your carbon footprint by:

  • Setting more efficient routes. The worst part about driving for long hours is having to slam on your brakes and drive 20 km/hr on the highway. Constantly idling and braking because there’s a traffic jam. Well now your dispatchers and operators can alter your route so you can beat the highway congestion and get to your destination quicker. Doing this will reduce the idling time Drivers face meaning less fuel is consumed, resulting in less carbon dioxide emissions being released.
  • Scheduling maintenance checks, so your fleet is always running at its best. Having an issue with your vehicles could result in you emitting more carbon dioxide than you realize. With a GPS solution, you’ll be able to set reminders for any maintenance check your fleet may need. Tire rotation, your next oil change, or just a simple all-around check up, you’ll be reminded no matter what the situation is.
  • Monitoring your Drivers behaviour. With a GPS solution you’ll be able to determine which Drivers may be idling too much and which Drivers accelerate too rapidly and are speeding. By monitoring their behaviour you can take further action and educate them on certain behaviours to improve their driving. Rapid acceleration, idling and speeding have all contributed to increased emission of carbon dioxide. Reducing these behaviours ultimately reduces your carbon dioxide impact, not to mention increases Drivers safety on the road as well.

The Earth is our home, so let’s take care of it and start being more aware of our impact on it. A GPS solution provides you endless benefits for your business. Let’s start utilizing them now!

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