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Improve Driver
& Fleet Safety

The AirIQ platform provides advanced and insightful reports which provide a clear view into your drivers' driving behaviour. With AirIQ you may assign risk and safety scores to drivers based on various benchmarks for evaluation. This will allow you to educate your drivers resulting in safer driving habits and reduced expenses.

Driver & Fleet Safety Management

Utilizing the AirIQ Driver Behavior Dashboard allows you to improve the performance of your drivers to promote safety and improve profitability. Safer driving helps improve every aspect of your business. Improved driving knowledge leads to less wear and tear on your vehicles, resulting in reduced maintenance cost and depreciation. This may also reduce the risk of an accident, fatality, injury or damage to company vehicles.

Driver Management with AirIQ’s Reporting improves:

  • Productivity
  • Labor costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Customer service
  • Fleet safety & security
  • Operating expenses
  • Unauthorized vehicle use
Safety by Measure

Receive real-time notifications for violations such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, sharp turns, speeding, seatbelt usage and excessive idling. These notifications are then scored and managed with our Driver Behaviour Dashboard allowing you to receive in-depth knowledge of your drivers which allows you to assess risk and proactively manage your drivers ensuring their safety and reducing your costs.

Sharp Cornering
Road Speed
After Hours

Advanced Asset Utilization Reports

Utilizing AirIQ’s After Hours Activity Report and Trip Details Report allows you to manage your fleet more effectively.  Reducing the number of miles driven can be a large cost savings for any size fleet.  If each vehicle travels only a few miles less each day, the cost savings can be substantial.  AirIQ helps you manage the miles driven by eliminating unauthorized usage and improving route optimization.

Worker Safety - Lone Worker

Effectively manage your mobile work force, ensuring safety and compliance.

On-Duty Monitoring

AirIQ’s Worker app offers an effective solution to notify operators when  a worker is on duty, off duty and to check in periodically, ensuring safety and awareness. The Worker app allows for updates between Workers and Operators.

Operator Dashboard

AirIQ Worker uses a simple, icon-based dashboard that allows operators to monitor the safety of their workers for regular check-in and emergency situations. It includes alerts when a worker initiates an emergency, or when they are late checking in.

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