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Spring into the new season with Telematics

Oh spring, the season of warmer temperatures, singing birds and no more shovelling for people in the north, or so we would hope. Spring is also the season we start to see how busy the construction industry gets. You may think Telematics is difficult to implement but we make it easy. With numerous benefits that’ll amaze you and take your business to a new level of productivity.

Telematics is simple. For it to work you’ll need a solution that offers two simple things; a device that connects to your asset, and either web or mobile access.

Some industries may rely on Telematics more than others but it’s key to know that no matter what business you operate in – whether it’s construction, transportation, service, or utility, a Telematics solution will always make you more efficient and productive in your day-to-day operations. This is how:

  • You’ll have access to over 25 reports, including:
    • Stops Report
    • Driver Behaviour
    • Geofencing
    • After Hours
    • And many more!
  • Maintenance is important, so with telematics you’ll be able to set your maintenance schedules in advance and track service performed
  • The option of several different devices, as we know 1 device can’t do all things
  • Track anything from a standard car, to a piece of construction equipment, to your generators or even cows, if you’re in the livestock industry

As you can see Telematics makes the unthinkable, trackable. It allows you to see the business activities that are happening throughout your company which you were once blind to. It opens your eyes and allows you to innovate new and effective management of your fleet and inventory.

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