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Steps to ELD in Canada

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) are mandated to increase safety on the roads for commercial vehicle Drivers. Originally paper logs was the method that Drivers were required to keep for tracking their Hours of Service (H.O.S). However, it became very easy to make edits and alter information through paper logs.

Although ELD’s are used to keep track of H.O.S for Drivers, there are some exemptions that companies need to keep in mind. To determine whether ELD is right for you or not. First determine:

1. What Your Needs Are

If you have fleet vehicles that travel less than 160 km in a day, leave and return to the same location in a 12 hour or less work day, have fleet vehicles that were made prior to 2000 or your Drivers drive less than 8 days out of a 30-day period, you will not need to have ELD. Although it could be beneficial for you to track the H.O.S of your Drivers to determine their daily routines or pay, it is not mandatory for your business if you meet these above points.

2. Determine What Kind of Information You Want

ELD’s are designed to track the Hours of Service of your Drivers. Even if you are not required to have them in your vehicle there are many benefits for you to do so. For instance, if you pay your employees based on the hours they worked, having an ELD will make it easier for you to determine your employees work hours. Whether they were sitting in traffic for a few hours or stopped at a job site. You can tell how long they spend on the road or at a job site, therefore allowing you to estimate job and/or delivery times more accurately. ELD’s also have DVIR reporting, allowing you to quickly pass inspection and get on the road.

3. Determine the Device You Need for Your Fleet

If you are REQUIRED to use ELD you can choose to either Bring Your Own Phone/Tablet (B.Y.O.P) or you can get a fully integrated solution which includes a ruggedized tablet that stays in your vehicle.

The Bring Your Own Phone/Tablet plan is great if you want a less expensive ELD solution to track the Hours of Service of your Drivers. You’ll just need to ensure that the phone or tablet is connected to your vehicles ECM through Bluetooth connectivity. Whereas, the fully integrated solution is an all inclusive, hassle free solution. No need to worry about Bluetooth connectivity because the tablet is always connected when in its cradle. All Drivers need to do is log into their Driver App and drive off.

4. Find the Right Provider

The final step to ELD is determining which provider to go with. In Canada currently no one is certified because it needs to be done by a third party, whereas, in the U.S. you are able to self certify. However, currently Canadian providers have a lot to offer until the regulations are set for a third-party certification. You should pick a provider that checks the following boxes:

Are FMCSA compliant

Have a 24/7 Compliance Support HelpLine available for you to call

Have real time notifications and alerts

Is easy to install and use for your Drivers

Available on both iOS and Android systems

Available in other languages such as English and French

The good news is AirIQ offers all of these features and so much more. With our in-house I.T. development and years of experience we provide you with more than just a solution. We build relationships with you to make it easier for you to track the things that are important to you. Whether your fleet needs ELD or not, AirIQ is here to help you increase your return on investment and increase your productivity so you can focus on the future and enhancing your productivity.

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