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Thank a Driver

As COVID-19 swoops across North America, it’s important for us to take the time and thank the hard-working essential Drivers out there who are still supplying us with our much needed items. We know it’s a difficult time for everyone but it’s important to acknowledge the long hours and tough job Drivers have had to do and are continuously doing. While many people can stay at home during this time, our essential places like the grocery store, hospitals and restaurant all require their regular supplies in order to be able to conduct business and day-to-day operations. Have you stepped back and tried to think about what must be going through these Drivers heads while on the road during a pandemic? It’s time we do that and not just now but after this pandemic comes to an end. Next time we see a Driver on the road, remember what they faced each day to get you the food and other products you were still able to get during the pandemic. We can only imagine the challenges these Drivers had to face everyday. But it’s time we do something to show our appreciation and gratitude so, if you’d like to follow the social media trend, make a post and use the hashtag #thankatrucker. This is the time we should all come together and thank those who are helping us live as normal of a life as we can during this time. Let them know they are appreciated and that without their hard work, we’d be out of luck.

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