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The Benefit of ELD for Drivers

With the soon-to-be Canadian mandate hitting, not many people seem to be focused around Drivers opinions about the new shift. Well we’ve done some research and composed some of the key benefits we are sure that Drivers are going to benefit from with ELD, specifically AirIQ’s ELD solution.

  • First, you as a Driver no longer must write anything down. It no longer will take you that 10-15 minutes to fill out a paper log, which is GREAT! Why? Well you get started on your drive faster, which means you get your delivery to the customer faster, resulting in you being able to do more loads per day.
  • Next, you can assure your truck is mechanically sound, and you won’t have to delay any loads. Nothing’s more concerning than having your truck make a random noise or suddenly stop because of a mechanical issue. With this ELD solution you are notified if any issues arise, and you’ll know exactly what they are and how severe. So, the stress is lifted off the Drivers shoulders.
  • If any issues are detected by the ELD, you will need to pull over immediately and take the vehicle off the road. It can be driven again ONLY when it has been approved and released by the fleet manager. As a Driver, you’re ensured that your safety is protected when you’re on the road. Who wouldn’t want this piece of mind and comfort knowing that YOUR SAFETY is a top priority?
  • Other peoples driving habits can seriously affect your safety and the risk of accidents. If you get into an accident and are believed to be at fault, now you can refer to your ELD log as a Driver. Your administrators can also refer to our AirIQ Fleet Tracking dashboard to see your driving behaviour like speeding, idling and/or harsh breaking patterns. This helps determine if the accident was really your fault or if you just got the short end of the stick with an aggressive driver.

Although some Drivers feel as if the ELD mandate will cause more complications for them, most Drivers see the good in it. If you as a Driver followed the laws and regulations set before the mandate, then there won’t be any big changes to your daily work life. The ELD does not change any laws, it simply ensures that all Driver and truck information are recorded in real-time.

We want to ensure with this ELD solution that not just company’s benefit, but Drivers as well. Let us provide you with the support, reliability and personal attention we have continuously achieved since 1997 to ensure you have the most efficient ELD’s and HOS solution.

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