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The Benefits of Telematics for Your Equipment

We understand the value your equipment has on your business. Without it, your construction business wouldn’t exist. That’s why our GPS solution is tailored to our customers so we can ensure you don’t need to stress about your fleet again.

The benefits of GPS solutions in your equipment are clear:

  • You can set Geofences, so you’ll be alerted when your equipment leaves and enters a job site.
  • The disable relay feature, which allows you to shut off your equipment if an unknown user is attempting to start or use it at an odd time.
  • You can set maintenance reminders to ensure your equipment’s health is top notch.
  • It reduces theft.
  • You get a better accuracy of job estimates.
  • Monitor the utilization of your assets.

Regardless if you’re tracking your vehicles or a stationary piece of equipment such as a generator or porta potties. Anything can be tracked with a GPS solution.

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