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The Effects of Driving on Your Drivers

Imagine waking up at 3 a.m., hopping in your truck and getting your 14-hour workday started. This a common scenario many Drivers face. But not many people think of the health risks associated with being a Driver. So, let’s go over them right now!

For those of us who have the typical desk job, sitting for long periods of time can impact your health, by increasing your chances of obesity, metabolism issues, and increased blood pressure. But for Drivers there are some additional risks. These include:

  1. Poor workspace, which can lead to increase neck and body pain/injuries.
  2. Extreme fatigue. Drivers were found to be twice as likely to smoke than other professions, as an attempt to fight fatigue. (
  3. Depression and loneliness from driving long distances alone.
  4. Sleep apnea.
  5. Lack of health nutritional diet and lifestyle.
  6. Increased risk of obesity. Truck Drivers were found to be twice as likely than any other profession to be obese. (

The list goes on and on, but we think you get the point. Drivers have a physically and mentally exhausting job. It’s important to recognize these points and have regulations set to aid Drivers. With the right ELD solution, Drivers will be able to follow the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and rulesets that will benefit their day to day lives and help them achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

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