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Ways to Remain Profitable During A Pandemic

On March 11th, 2020, COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic. Countries all around the world began shutting down and this resulted in a lot of disturbances throughout many industries. From transportation, to construction and beyond, companies had to find new and innovative ways to aid in complying with the mandates set out, but also to ensure they remain profitable, and their employees were safe. We have done some research and compiled a few points on how to overcome some restrictions COVID placed on the transportation industry so you can increase your chances of staying profitable while adapting to the changing times.

  • Research has found that North American border wait times have decreased since the borders closed for non-essential travel. Although the demand for numerous products has been on the rise, this has allowed a slight decrease in delivery times, allowing your business to increase productivity.
  • On average, fuel costs have decreased due to lowered gas prices and quicker arrival times, saving you some costs through these unprecedented times.
  • Going paperless, will help you keep the most up to date information on file. Although ELD’s are set to be mandated in Canada next June, it’s important to implement a solution that works best with your business sooner rather than later, to ensure workers understand how to efficiently utilize the platform. Covid has proven the benefit of ELD, as it has allowed transportation companies to make quick changes their fleet required, since they had the most up to date secure data.
  • Protect your Drivers. Your Drivers are enduring increased stress throughout these times. While many people are working in the comfort of their own home, your Drivers are working long hours ensuring no product shortages. So, ensure you are communicating effectively with your Drivers and accommodating any changes they may face so their trips can be slightly easier for them to achieve.

Although these points may not help all companies in the same way, it’s important to take the time and re-evaluate your business during this pandemic to ensure you make adjustments to remain profitable.

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