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Winter Driving Tips for Your Fleet

Winter can be a burden on many and unfortunately it takes a toll on some businesses. But it doesn’t have to, at least not with the right preparations. Take a look at our tips below to assist your fleet in their next winter journey.

  1. Check your vehicles before heading out. It’s important to ensure your vehicles can handle the stress winter brings. To ensure your vehicles are ready simply:
  • Check your vehicle for any wear and tear throughout the body and tires
  • Ensure your vehicles headlights and brakes work
  • Check your battery life and tire pressure
  1. Make sure your Drivers are equipped with emergency essentials such as:
  • Anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid
  • Blanket
  • First aid kit
  • Keep fuel tanks at least a quarter full
  • In-car phone charger
  • Ice scrapper and snow brush
  • Extra headlight bulbs
  1. Ensure you review some safe driving tips with your Drivers, such as:
  • Maintain larger distances between vehicles ahead when roads are wet and icy
  • Allow extra time on your trips
  • Stick to major roads where possible, as they are likely to get plowed first
  • Drive slower and watch out for falling debris
  • Switch on headlights and fog lamps if low visibility
  • Do not drive through moving water deeper than 10 cm

Winter safety doesn’t just stop here. It’s important to know how your business can adapt to these changes so you’ll be confident in your fleet the next time a storm creeps in.

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