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Battery Powered Solution
Monitoring Your Assets Made Easy
Ensure your inventory is efficiently monitored while you're on the go

What is a Battery Powered Solution?

Utilizing AirIQ’s battery powered device allows you to go beyond what you thought possible in Telematics. With a length of only 4.25 inches and 3 x AA batteries needed, this device is easy to install and conceal.

Now you’re probably wondering, why would I ever need something like this? Well it’s simple! This solution allows you to:

  • Maximize utilization of your assets
  • Lower your costs by reducing asset loss, theft and hoarding
  • Increase productivity of your personnel

Check this out for some extra details: Battery Powered Solution


Got assets on the moo-ve? We've got you covered!



The simplicity of our Battery Powered Solution is a key highlight of why you won’t regret choosing this device for your equipment and inventory. Below are some reasons why this device is a clear winner for your business:

  • You can monitor all your inventory in one platform
  • Monitor anything from containers, large tools, porta potties and even livestock… if you wish to
  • It’s IP67 waterproofing ability makes it reliable regardless of weather condition

…so many endless possibilities

Don’t take our word for it though, here is what our customers have to say….

This device was very easy to install and although it’s small in size, it has a lot of features that make it essential for our construction equipment.

                                                         Contracting Company

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