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AirIQ’s Battery Powered Solution

AirIQ is excited to announce the launch of our new Battery Powered Solution, but let’s keep it simple by calling it the Bat from now on. Now you’re probably thinking, cool, what in the world is this? Well we’ll explain it to you. The Bat is our asset monitor, meaning any inventory you have such as a porta potty, generator or even livestock, can now be monitored. The Bat is battery powered meaning there is no need to recharge it after a certain amount of time or for it to be wired into anything. All you’ll need are some batteries and voila you’ll be set to start monitoring.

The value and benefits of this solution are clear; you can maximize the utilization of your assets, lower costs by being in control of any theft that may occur, eliminating asset loss and/or hoarding. It also allows for more productivity of your personnel, because you’ll know where your assets are. The design of the Bat is very simple. It’s easy to conceal and install and can fit in the palm of your hand. But most importantly you can monitor all your assets in one simple solution. There’s no need to run two or more systems; one for your fleet vehicles and another for your assets, instead, we allow you to monitor all your assets from one platform…now close your mouth because we know how impressive this is and how shocked you must be by now, but there’s more.

As mentioned before the Bat can track a wide variety of inventory you carry, but one that stands out to us at least is the Bat’s capability to track livestock, and yes, we said it again because we want it to be very clear. THE BAT TRACKS LIVESTOCK! Wowzah…we know! But in all seriousness, we’ve launched the Bat because we know its capabilities and the benefit it can bring to your company. We’re on your side and know that not having your inventory monitored can bring on a lot of stress, and not to mention financial loss. So there’s no reason for you to say no to the Bat! Give us a call today and see how you can start being more efficient with your assets…. just think of the possibilities.

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