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Why a telematics camera solution is more valuable than you think

With technology advancing your telematics solution needs to do so as well. This is where a combined telematic dashcam comes into the game. This will allow you to become more aware of the surroundings and actions of your Drivers and your fleet.

Dashcams go beyond just knowing where your assets are and recording their daily route. You get a visual insight, basically giving you the ‘superpower’ to see every aspect of your fleets route, increasing your Drivers safety and exonerating wrongdoing of accidents that are not at the fault of your Driver.

Dashcams with integrated telematics are the perfect combination between real-time tracking and video recording. You can ensure if there is a situation that occurs involving your fleet, you will know all the details about it. See it is more valuable than just getting a camera and pressing start. You get the full picture of the situation allowing you to feel as if you are in the Drivers seat.

Dashcams with integrated telematics put you above your competition.  They assist you in developing a more productive fleet by providing Drivers with the training and coaching they need to improve their efficiency while on the road, prevent accidents, better manage their time, and allow for improved customer communication by ensuring you can notify customers when your Drivers will arrive at their destination.

Do not just take our word for it. We know the benefits and added value the IQ-Cam offers, so why not take it for a spin. Email [email protected] or call 1.888.606.6444 to start testing it out today.

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