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Big Box Brand vs. IQ-Cam

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding our IQ-Cam, and we thought what better way to provide the facts then here. We want to ensure everyone understands the difference between AirIQ’s dashcam integrated with telematics, versus a big…

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Customer Recovery Success Story

Covid-19 has changed the way business is being conducted, and many companies are forced to have their employees work remotely and, in some instances, leaving company vehicles not operational, as a result. Unfortunately, these unprecedented times have caused the theft…

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AirIQ’s Battery Powered Solution

AirIQ is excited to announce the launch of our new Battery Powered Solution, but let’s keep it simple by calling it the Bat from now on. Now you’re probably thinking, cool, what in the world is this? Well we’ll explain…

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Tracking Your Snowplows

Oh November, the month of cooling down, slowing down and counting down…to Christmas that is of course. But November also comes with its fair share of dreadful events, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Snow! Yes, we said…

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How an API Can Benefit Your Business

Application Program Interfaces or API’s are something that a non-tech person may not understand. But if you sit down and do some research, there’s a big benefit to utilizing API’s. It commonly allows you to be more productive with the…

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