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Customer Recovery Success Story

Covid-19 has changed the way business is being conducted, and many companies are forced to have their employees work remotely and, in some instances, leaving company vehicles not operational, as a result. Unfortunately, these unprecedented times have caused the theft of vehicles and equipment to be on the rise. Although business is being conducted remotely our customers assets were at risk of being stolen or damaged. This increased threat was not just focused on one industry, it was widespread and thanks to AirIQ our customers had some much-needed peace of mind. Unfortunately, we did have customers assets stolen however they were able to recover them quickly.  This success story is just one customers experience, there were many, and although the AirIQ solution focuses on full fleet management, including breadcrumb trail tracking, theft is an inherent benefit of the solution.   

Above displays the actual Details History Grid from AirIQ Fleet™ for a stolen vehicle.  This grid provides the location and event details for the vehicle.  It shows the vehicle was stolen at 1:12 am and proceeded to leave the lot, detailing the exact tracking location, speed, and time.  The system also notified that they were speeding on two occasions – not too smart when in a stolen vehicle.   The Battery Disconnect highlights that the power was removed, however our device has an internal back up battery therefore it was still communicating, unbeknownst to the thieves. 

Using AirIQ’s multi browser web interface or Mobile App our customers can track their assets at anytime and get a current location or view the history of events.  Luckily for this company, they were able to recover their asset quickly, and the thieves only took the asset approximately 16 minutes north from the owner’s lot. Becoming prepared for instances like this is crucial, and it starts with the right GPS solution.

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