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The Benefits of Implementing a GPS Solution

We asked our customers how they have benefited from implementing the AirIQ GPS solution and here is what they had to say….

Fuel Savings from managing engine idling times and direct routing has more than paid for the system.

The Analytics provided valuable information to allow us to better manage our business by giving us an understanding of our drivers to better estimate how long a job will take. AirIQ also allows us to better estimate arrival times based on job history, routing and traffic.

AirIQ’s Preventative Maintenance tracking allowed us to make informed decisions about the trucks in our fleet based on maintenance schedules and fuel costs, ensuring we are running the most efficient vehicles possible.

Our Sales improved because we were able to better manage our customers’ expectations and provide detailed billing information regarding when one of our trucks arrived and left a location, along with the duration of time at the location.

Our Customer Service improved because the AirIQ system allowed us to meet the increasing expectations of our customers by reducing response time to a call and allowing us to be proactive and notify our customers if a driver was delayed.

AirIQ allowed us to evaluate the Utilization of the fleet, including personal use and operational use, and permitted us to lessen the wear and tear on specific vehicles and move them to other drivers within our fleet to avoid penalties at the end of our lease.

The system allowed us to manage and Improve our Driver Behavior by monitoring speed, harsh braking and rapid acceleration occurrences, which resulted in decreased accidents and lower insurance.

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