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How our Customers Help Us Improve

We want to set some time aside to talk to you about interesting the feedback we’ve received from our customers. At AirIQ we strive to ensure our products meet all your business needs so you can focus your time and attention on running a successful business.

One of the ways our customers help us achieve a platform that is essential to their business is through the different Reports we offer in our application. This allows you to have accurate data and to run your business off one solution rather than multiple, making you more efficient. Some Reports our customers find valuable to their business include: After Hours Activity, Workday Summary, Stops Report and the IFTA Report. They use these Reports to determine how much they need to bill their customers, distribute payroll and increase customer service. It puts them in control of their business and finances.

You might be wondering how these Reports work so they can be beneficial to you. Simple. The After-Hours Activity Report identifies any activity in your fleet after the normal hours of operation. This notifies you of any personal usage of the fleet vehicles.

The Workday Summary gives you an overview of the activity that your fleet had within a 24-hour period. This is perfect if you plan to use our solution to implement an effective and effortless payroll system. It makes it easier and clearer for you to determine hours worked.

The Stops Report identifies how many stops were made by each fleet vehicle. This helps you determine how many customers were serviced by your workers and at what time and address it took place.

The IFTA Report identifies the total distance travelled in a state or province over a set time frame. This Report is beneficial for filing your IFTA Tax Return. With our solution the distance travelled from your vehicles is easily retrieved in the IFTA Report.

Don’t take our word for it, take our customers instead. We know our solution is right for you, just let us prove it to you.

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