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Precheck Your Trucks

This years CVSA Brake Safety Week is from September 15th until the 21st. To better prepare yourself we’ve put together some points for you to consider and a mini checklist to ensure your inspection passes with flying colours.

Key Tips for A Successful Inspection:

Do your own personal inspection prior to the Brake Safety Week. Some things to start with include:Parking your truck on a level road surface

Make sure you block your tractor and trailer wheels, if they are hooked

Check the air pressure and ensure it is between 90 and 100 psi

Release your parking brake

Listen for any air leaks you may hear

*Make sure your ignition is off because you may be here for a bit*

The following are more in-depth points you NEED to ensure you check for:

Chaffing air hoses

Any damaged, worn out or missing components

Brake pads and linings

Excessive movement of camshaft

External cracks on brake drum

Rusted holes on brake chamber

Why have the additional stress of not knowing what the results of your inspection could be? With this pre-inspection checklist and AirIQ’s solution which features a Driver Inspection Vehicle Report (DVIR), you’ll be set and never have to fear another inspection day.

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