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How to Increase Your Companies Safety and Training Standards

June is National Safety Month, and that means it’s time we all find new methods to tighten up our safety policies, especially with COVID-19 in the midst of it all. So we are here to guide you with some tips that could help your business stay on track and become more productive.

Sanitation Tracking

Make a checklist and check it twice. Ensure your Drivers have all the necessary products to guarantee their vehicles are well sanitized throughout their travels. If they are running low on a product you can get notified right away and restock the vehicle quickly. This will help reduce the risk to your Drivers, ensuring their safety.  

Monthly Training Meetings

It is good to give your Drivers a little refresher every month, to ensure they know you care about their safety and they are kept informed of new changes. Holding monthly training meetings will ensure everyone is kept current and aware of company updates, changes, and news. It is also a great time to allow Drivers the opportunity to advance their skills based on driver behaviour analysis.

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