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Overview of AirIQ in 2019

Wow, we can’t believe the new year is already here, but the excitement doesn’t stop for AirIQ. We’re deciding to do things a little different this year, and part of this change is inspired by the same people reading this article – you. We care about our relationship with you and want to ensure you’re more aware of the changes made throughout AirIQ and in the industry. So we thought what better way than through this newsletter to share with you our latest news, information and updates. Now let’s get started!

Many big and wonderful changes happened at AirIQ last year and we want to give you a little highlight of them, so we can be on the same page going forward in 2020. In November, we launched our first battery powered solution or the Bat as we’d like to call it. We knew our customers wanted something different for their fleet, and this checked all the boxes.

We introduced a new ELD solution this year as well. With the US mandating ELD’s as of December 18th, 2017, we knew we needed a solution that would be perfect for our customers. So we chose to partner with VisTracks, a leader in the industry. Our ELD solution ensures compliance for both US regulations and Canadian rulesets and is self certified with the FMCSA.

Looking forward if there’s one thing that really stood out to us this year, it was the increasing need for fleet safety. All companies know safety is a number one priority but it’s becoming more desirable and that’s where dash cameras come in. We’ve been looking long and hard for the perfect solution for dash cams because we want to ensure we have a top-notch solution ready for you. So this year, we will be working on providing our customers with a dash cam solution that is perfect for all fleets.

We strive to provide our customers with a solution that is trusted, economical, reliable and proven to work.

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