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Useful Reports to Help Keep Your Fleet Safe

With safety being of big importance to companies it can be difficult to determine which employees are driving safely on the road, and which ones aren’t. But it’s okay because there’s a handy dandy Telematics solution waiting for you to help tackle this. Telematics is more than just a simple location tool. We allow you to set up your key tracking needs so everything you require is available in one simple to use platform. With Telematics you’ll be able to know when employees are wearing their seatbelt, when they speed, harsh brake, take sharp turns and work after hours. But let’s get more in-depth with one of these features.

  • Seatbelt usage is a key feature in everyone’s travel. In 2017 – 37,133 people were killed in vehicle accidents, which 47% were not wearing a seatbelt. Telematics tracks when Drivers are wearing their seatbelts and when they are not and puts management in the know of Driver activities. Not wearing a seatbelt is against the law and can be a liability to companies. Tracking this activity in Drivers is a MUST.
  • Speed was the result of approximately 9000 deaths in 2018. Without Telematics it’s difficult to know which Drivers are following speed limits and which ones aren’t. Having a safety policy in place so Drivers understand what is expected of them is important for companies.
  • Harsh braking can cause an accident in a split second, how? Well it’s simple. Say one Driver is driving the speed limit and see’s the car up ahead slowing down but decides its too early for them to brake. When he finally decides to break, he ends up being too close to the Driver ahead and smashes into the back of their car. This is just one example of a common situation that can happen. With telematics, you can talk to your Driver’s and ensure they are driving appropriately on the road, because at the end of the day it’s YOUR company reputation on the line.
  • Sharp turns can wreak havoc on your vehicles. It also makes you accident-prone especially when you’re driving a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are top heavy and taking a sharp turn throws off the alignment of the vehicle. If you turn to sharp you could:
    • Lose control of your vehicles
    • Veer off the road
    • And lastly flip over on your side
  • Have a few side jobs that workers need to get done? Do you give them access to your fleet vehicles after hours? Well now you have the After Hours report to help ensure you know where your fleet is even outside of office hours.

As you can see there’s more to Telematics than people may think. It’s not about having a babysitter for Drivers. It’s about ensuring the safety of each Driver in the company and on the road are safe and don’t become a danger to the public. Start monitoring today and see the difference for yourself.

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