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Reduce Driver Turnover Rates with a GPS Solution

The last few years we have seen an increasing number of Driver turnover rates throughout the transportation industry. As demand of goods increase, it’s crucial we are able to meet these requirements and thus essentially have enough Drivers. But how can a GPS solution help solve this issue? Let’s dig into the following points to find out.

  • Simplify tasks and increase productivity. Use a GPS solution to automate administrative work that Drivers have to perform.  For example, ELD’s are a great way to reduce time Drivers would have to spend filling out paper logs and inspection reports, in addition to making their deliveries.
  • Boost Drivers skills with training and support. Repetition can become dull for many, that’s why it is important to allow Drivers to learn more skills and educate them. A GPS solution helps with this by monitoring Drivers behaviours and allowing businesses to develop a customized training program that is both challenging yet intriguing for Drivers to learn new skills.
  • Show Driver appreciation where it is due, by allowing designated time off, pay rewards for long hours, good safety record based on the AirIQ Driver Behaviour Report and anything else you can think of.

The pressure to effectively tackle high turnover rates is challenging for many fleet managers. It is crucial to implement the right solution and procedures that will make your Drivers happy and more likely to stay working for your company.

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